Quite interesting

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Quite interesting

Post by Labeeb on Mon Jun 17, 2013 10:57 pm

The Casualty Actuarial Society has released since September 2012, students can get exemptions for the first 4 actuarial exams (excluding Probability P/1). 

You can read more about it here.

Issue is, McMaster University has just recently been approved as a school that teaches Actuarial Sciences (hence the program). Seeing its new, we have yet to be approved of this UAP Exam Exemptions.

Now this post is being very unbiased. Personally, in opinion, i'm not a big fan.

But circumstantially  it could help some. Dr. Lozinski and I are teaming up and trying to get our school on that list. But take note, it does require a grade >= A-.

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